Why the hand sensor in the airports?  No, why don't the hand sensors sense hands?  Why do I, the guy beside me, the guy beside him all have to wave/hold/clap our hands under a faucet that produces no water?  Why is it that when you finally get water your get it by the tablespoon?  Is that enough to soak two hands of a man?  Is it enough to rinse soap off of these two said hands?

Speaking of soap, why is the soap sensor automatic?  We have to go through the same process to get soap?  If there were germs on a normal soap dispensor should the soap kill them?  Isn't that soaps job?

I won't get started about the paper towel dispensor.

Is this as far as technology can take us in the world of sensors?  My phone can translate my English into Spanish and can read barcodes and shop for cheaper items yet sensor technology is stuck in a semisensor world?  Somebody should be fired.